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Why Choose SAIDiT?


Gregory A. Said

Chief Revenue Officer

At SaidiT Communication Solutions, we work to help our customers assess and evaluate their communication challenges. For each client, we work toward understanding their business objectives and together we shape the right business communications solution not only for today's needs but for their future goals as well.


With over 20 years of experience working with a variety of small, medium and large businesses, we know that each situation and each business is unique. Our experts help businesses use the latest technology to improve communication, increase customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Let SaidiT Communication Services help you achieve a competitive advantage for your business today and all the future tomorrows!


Gregory A. Said is an extremely passionate leader with over 25 years of focusing on making the complex simple. Greg loves to solve business communication problems with technology. He knows how to build strategic relationships and how to leverage them for success. 


While at Avaya, he served in the capacity of National Channel Manager, Channel Sales Engineer, and Business Development. He developed, designed, and executed the Value-Added Reseller program as Director of the Channel at Apex Supply Chain Technologies and has been recognized with numerous awards and achiever trips.


Greg’s goal is to understand a business’ unique needs and create a strategic plan to help with revenue growth and the financial success of that business. In addition, Greg is active with his church, enjoys golfing and hiking-camping with his wife, Karen.

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